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Air conditioning & Heating services

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Air Conditioning



Commercial Refrigeration 

Water Heaters

Attic Insulation

Duct Replacements

Air Conditioning Services


Condenser Units- repairs,  replacements, installations and maintenance. Chemically wash coils. Wiring high and low voltage. Fan motor and compressor inspection. Electrical components repair.  Refrigerant pressure check. 

Wi-fi thermostat ( Smart). Condensation leaks detection. Warranty work. Air filters. High energy efficiency equipment installations.

Heating Services


Furnace Units-  repairs, replacements, installations and maintenance.

Safety controls inspection. Gas valve calibration. Test motor amps.

Heat exchanger inspection. Control board inspection. Pressure switches.

Wi-fi thermostats (Smart). Air filters. High energy efficiency equipment installations. 

Commercial Refrigeration


Maintenance, repairs, installations, 

and replacements of:  

Commercial freezers


Mid low temp units



Fan motors  

Ice makers

Temperature control

 High energy efficiency equipment. 

Ducting and Water Heaters


Water Heaters- installations or replacements, hoses, gas valves. Replacement of thermocouple.
Ducting- Detection of aiir leaks, duct replacement valves R6 - R8, grill replacements. Cedillos Air Conditioner and Heating Refrigeration in Moreno Valley air conditioning in San Bernardino water heaters in San Bernardino Cedillos Air Conditioning and Heating Refrigeration in San Bernardino Home Services & Commercial HVAC in Moreno Valley Home Services & Commercial HVAC in Riverside

Air Quality Products


We offer a variety of products for those who suffer from Allergies and other Respiratory problems. Relieve your symptoms by using some of our products. Try some of our variety of Air Filters.